alpha received a statement of account from a supplier beta showing a balance to be p 800225

Alpha received a statement of account from a supplier Beta, showing a balance to be paid of $8,950. Alpha’spurchase ledger account for Beta shows a balance due to Beta of $4,140.Investigation reveals the following:(1) cash paid to Beta of $4,080 has not been accounted for by Beta(2) Alpha’s ledger account has not been adjusted for $40 of cash discount disallowed by BetaWhat discrepancy remains between Alpha’s and Beta’s records after allowing for these items?A nilB $690C $770D $7301448 The inventory value for the financial statements of Q for the year ended 31 May 20X6 was based on an inventorycount on 4 June 20X6, which gave a total inventory value of $836,200.Between 31 May and 4 June 20X6, the following transactions took place:$Purchase of goods 8,600Sales of goods (profit margin 30% on sales) 14,000Goods returned by Q to supplier 700What adjusted figure should be included in the financial statements for inventories at 31 May 20X6?A $838,100B $853,900C $818,500D $834,300