Style guide and Writing guide?

My manager has asked me to create one style guide and one writting guide.

My manager is concerned at the deteriorating standards of the organisation’s business documents. People are not reading the style guide and are not adhering to basic rules of English Grammar.

My manager wants me to create a short form of the style guide and writting guide so that the main points can be printed on a two-sided A4 sheet. It should be concise and attractively displayed.

My manager also wants you me to create a document which outlines some basic grammar rules and conventions for punctuation including apostrophes, capitalisation and writing in plain english. This should be a two-sided A4 sheet.

You should use graphics and illustratrions as appropriate in both documents.

You are also to draft an email to staff to accompany the distribution of the material above. 

Please note:

  • Document must adhere to readability principles and incorporate both text and graphics as appropriate.
  • Document must be well structured and sequenced
  • Document must be proofread and checked for accuracy and clarify of information.